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Setting Positive Intentions

Today has already been so much better than yesterday mentally. After working out our legs until they pretty much turned into jelly at night... then waking up to a cancelled HIIT class the next morning... my gym buddy Anna and I ended up just walking out the pain on the treadmill. Which really worked out for the benefit of my body in the end. I am figuring out the steps to create a better life and stable mindset which in return helps me in all facets of my life. I really love the thought about waking up and checking in with myself mentally and writing down my intentions. So these are my intentions that I will start incorporating into my daily routine.

  • I will wake up and do my best to create an amazing life for myself and embrace every change that happens along the way.

  • I will make sure to take into consideration the thoughts and opinions of others but make sure that I do not take on the negativity and aggressiveness of what others can portray… my opinions are my own and if they are proven wrong then that is ok… consider it a learning experience and appreciate it.

  • I will not live with regrets, again I will use them as learning experiences. Regrets are so negative I do not want to hold onto anything that creates a dark space in my life.

  • I will ensure that I stay true to myself first and foremost in any relationship, whether it be a friendship or a romantic relationship. I vow to myself to be whole in who I am and not try to “find my other half”. I want someone who will be a wonderful addition to my life… not to feel like I “need” someone to complete it for me to be whole.

  • I will be honest, open, and available to my family and friends. Being someone that others can trust and feel safe with is vital to me.

  • I will make sure that even though I help everyone that I can that I will make sure that I will not absorb their emotions and trials, I am too emotional of a person to take everyones feelings on. Listening without giving advice will be something I strive for, to be present and strong without taking other peoples problems on to try and fight myself. I want to supply them with the support they will need to help themselves.

These intentions are extremely important to me. I feel like when I start implementing them in my every day life I will begin to understand what my life purpose is. I still need to be gentle with myself and ensure that I understand that above all else I come first in my life. This will not be an easy road by any means. I mean I am trying to create a new life that puts my emotions, struggles, and insecurities in the forefront of my mind, and I will have to battle these demons every day. I am starting to focus on my life more and what I need to do to improve my health, physicality, mentality... everything. But just like I want to take care of others... I have to also take care of myself.

I love having the empathy to want to help others, and if I have the opportunity to help someone then that is a beautiful bonus. Being kind all around is my goal. Just like my mother was. I vow to live life in her light.

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